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Blackpool International Firework Championships 2013. FRANCE.

Blackpool International Firework Championships 2013. FRANCE.

Heat three of the Blackpool International Fireworks Championships got underway last night in the usual weather conditions experienced on the West Coast of the UK – wind and rain!!

Team France is Focus Pyro and they had some beautiful fireworks on offer but the music was a little on the shady side. They had some truly gorgeous double break crossettes and massive spaceships to go with some astounding ground fireworks which tied the whole thing together brilliantly, you can view the video footage below.

At the start of the display, I had some concerns as they didn't really hit their stride until around four minutes into the display and the wind obviously had an adverse effect on the event.

I have to add that having watched all three, the out-and-out winners, in my opinion, have to be the team from Ireland, Rocket Pyrotechnics who had more flow to the display and the firework effects were lovely with some truly lovely shell bursts which changed colour in the sky.

Having checked back over historical video footage from 2009 for example, the whole event appeared to have more support and the amount of pyro used was massive but controlled unlike some ‘throw it up and hope for the best’ where there is so much in the sky at any one time you can’t actually take it all in. Perhaps its down to cost or weather conditions but whatever the reason, as the teams have to foot the massive bill for everything in order to receive the accolade on offer, it is perhaps losing momentum in these tight economic times.

We will, of course, bring you the official results next week and footage of the display from Titanium Fireworks with their exhibition display which we anticipate will be absolutely beautiful too.

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