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Black Cat Gold Collection Master Mines on Sale

Black Cat Gold Collection Master Mines on Sale

The Master Mine Pack by Black Cat Fireworks from their excellent Gold Collection.

This is just one of the new and exciting lines on sale right now at Epic Fireworks. These powerful mines pack a real punch and have some beautiful effects. Now, you normally have to buy the product, or at least visit the shop to read all the info on the back of the packet. So we thought we could save you some time by blogging it right here.

Text from the back of the Master Mines Box:

Professional pyrotechnicians use mines as a means of providing medium level impact moments during a display. A traditional mine launches a "swoosh" of coloured stars into the sky. A special mine also does this but with an added burst over the top. An extra-special mine produces both of these effects with a fountain effect as a starter. the Gold Collection mines are what you call "Master Mines", because they achieve all of this and more, creating the equivalent of pyrotechnic masterpieces!

These mines combine Silver Whistle countdowns with Multi-stage effects making them integral parts of any display design and the surprise packets of the Gold Collection.

No.1 Master Mine

Category: Mine

Duration (approx): 10 sec

Colors and Effects: Whistle, Silver Sparks, Blue and Silver Stars, Green to Silver Shells, Crackle.

No.2 Master Mine

Category: Mine

Duration (approx): 10 sec

Colors and Effects: Whistle, Silver Sparks, Red Glitter Stars,Blue with Red Strobe Shells.

There was one more piece of text on the box which went next to a couple of images of the mines in action.

The text reads: Photo taken with a kodak LS443 Digital Camera. Using Automatic Focus and 4-second Exposure.

This is my first encounter of a company telling you what camera and settings were used to take the pictures. I have narrowed down the reasons for this to 2 possibilities. A deal was struck between Black Cat Fireworks and Kodak involving mutual promotion of some kind. Or, Black Cat Fireworks are simply trying to provide the customer with as much information as possible to help them make their purchase. Another interesting note for you geeks out there, the spelling on the packaging suggests that these mines (or at least the packaging) was made for the American market, note the spelling on the word colour.

Black Cat - Master Mines

So there you have it, a glimpse into the world of a master mine. These are well packaged and beautifully presented. There is certainly an air of quality to them, not least due to the shiny, shiny gold labels. This is the largest mine pack in the Epic Fireworks range this year so should be a popular item. I have already bought mine....get it? Mine?

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