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Black Cat Fireworks 2012

On Friday we met up with our friends from Black Cat Fireworks UK to see what new products they have for the 2012 season and which items we believe that our customer base would be interested in.

Here are a few lines we were allowed to sneak preview. As you are aware, if you are already an Epic customer, we like to ensure that the quality of the product we supply is the very best and at the most competitive price. Having checked out the new range, these are a few of the items we have selected at this time and others are still under review so … watch this space..

The following are coming soon, so here’s a quick rundown:

Wheel: Turbo Wheel – RRP £11.99 – Epic price ½ RRP - This big powerful wheel emits a beautiful array of spinning colours in red, green and yellow.

Black Cat Fireworks 2012 - Turbo Wheel

Rockets: Viper – RRP £19.99 – Epic price ½ RRP - This wonderful pack of 5 powerful rockets are excellent value for money with multi-effect flashes of blue and red stars, green glitter and crackle brocade effects white glitter and crackle with purple and green stars.

Fountain: Iconic – RRP £14.99 - Epic price ½ RRP - A large, powerful and long lasting conic fountain with silver rain and crackle effects. A must-have in any display and certainly up there with the best although smaller than the super conic for example but for great value for money, this is a must.

Roman Candle: Little Demon – RRP £9.99 – Epic price ½ RRP – This has a lovely continuous effect of 150 red and green stars being juggled. Excellent value for money and again, one for the perfect garden display.

Big Selection Box: Firestorm pack – RRP £49.99 – Epic price ½ RRP – 15 larger and longer lasting fireworks with high performance at a price you can afford. The pack contains 7 differing fountains, 5 Roman candle cakes, 2 Roman candles and a Mine. Great value and a brilliant show as well.

We will keep you updated on what is coming and when so start planning your Bonfire Night event early and get the jump on your family and friends and make this year, the one which is talked about for years to come.

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