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Birthday Firework Display

At Epic fireworks we know how to have a party and celebration and can offer you the finest fireworks to make your party go with a bang. Check out what our friends at Sirotechnics have done recently when they were asked to provide a professional fireworks display for a client:

“ We were asked to put on a show for a customer who had no idea his daughter was preparing a huge celebration for this 90th birthday party and we were asked to provide the fireworks display – this was our oldest client yet”

Sirotechnics were briefed with a short duration high impact display to entertain a number of guests to the party but would not want to be outside for too long! The display was designed and scripted to last just under 4 minutes with Lancework depicting the number 90 as requested by the client.

The display consisted of shells from 50mm to 8” in diameter along with various cakes and roman candles to give the show different layers of entertainment all at the same time.

If your looking for a professional Birthday Fireworks display then why not get in touch us at EPIC and we can put together a superb self-fire fireworks display for you to fire all by yourself!!

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