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Big Shot Display Fireworks only £1.20!

Big Shot Display Fireworks only £1.20!

Epic Fireworks have been selling fireworks for a long time. Our smallest display firework to date is the "Big Shot" 18 shot barrage.

big shot - little 18 shot repeater

This tiny multi shot banger has a 10mm bore tube size and produces 18 whistling screaming tails to loud bangs. Not bad for a firework that is smaller than a can of coke.

Size isn't everything, or so they say. This little firework proves it and with a price tag of just £1.20 it is a bargain and then some. It can really make some noise. Just watch the video below...

Epic Fireworks are proud to sell the best quality consumer fireworks in the UK at the lowest prices in the UK - FACT

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