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Big Rockets have Landed!

Big Rockets have Landed!

Here it is, Epic Fireworks finest selection of monster rockets. If you are looking for the biggest, loudest, most colourful and most impressive rockets in Britain then look no further.

Epic Fireworks has the UK's largest range of big rockets and all at less than half price. We sell firework rockets all year round and at this time of year, we get a little bit excited. Guy Fawkes Night is just around the corner, Bonfires are being prepared up and down the country. Giant rocket lovers will be getting itchy fingers, ready to fill the sky with whooshing and exploding rockets.

We have over 100 types of rockets in the store all the time. We can definitely find a rocket to suit you!

If you want loud, we have the "Echo Bomb" a meaty piece of dynamite on a stick that will shake the ground you stand on.

If you want colourful, we have the "Sky Storm" a beautiful rocket with crackling chrysanthemums and red and green coloured crossettes.

If you want BIG, we have the "Sky Thriller" a massive bursting rocket that is reminiscent of mortars and shells of old and has been compared many times to a professional effect mortar.

We have more rockets than any other fireworks shop in the UK - FACT.

This is the Mighty Sky Thriller in Action, there are 5 and 6-inch shells being set off at the same time. You can see the size of the Thriller rocket compared to these. The Thriller is the second rocket to be set off and gives the massive silver burst. This is the most popular rocket in the UK today.

This is the beautiful Sky Storm rocket which has beautiful effects and dazzling colour. Another classic from Epic Fireworks.

Here we show you our smallest rocket, this is the supreme, the smallest rocket pack we have and full of tiny rockets. Compare what you have seen in this video to the rockets you used last year. Notice the size, quality and volume of each burst. We are confident that even our tiniest rockets will stand up against any other in the UK.

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