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Big Bang Mini - Nintendo DS

Big Bang Mini - Nintendo DS

Modern video games can be depressing sometimes. As the industry becomes ever more concerned with reaching as many gamers as possible in order to generate the most cash, we’ve seen imaginative concepts fall by the wayside as ‘sure-fire’ hits fly onto store shelves with discouraging regularity. Thankfully, every now and then a game pops up that attempts to score a blow for innovation, and for all its faults Big Bang Mini is definitely one such title.

The concept is devilishly simple – in order to finish each stage you have to collect stars by eliminating enemies that appear on the top screen; this is done by gleefully hurling deadly fireworks in their general direction. ‘You’ are a small object on the bottom screen that can be moved around using the stylus. Your firework projectiles can be launched using a simple swish of the said stylus, and your ability to fire these weapons of pyrotechnic destruction is thankfully not tied in with your location on the bottom screen. As long as you remain untouched you can continue to chuck rockets at the enemy from anywhere on the screen. Click here for more.

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