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Fireworks here in the UK are safer than they have EVER been as additional safety measures have been implemented over in China and in fact tens of thousands of smaller manufacturing concerns have closed in the last 5 years than ever in the firework industry history.

Here at Epic, we like to pride ourselves on the variety of goodies available whether you are looking for a quieter display for the local home for the elderly or indeed pre-school or full on NOISE for a big bad display on private land, miles away from livestock and pets.

Back to the range and bigger and improved effects/noise and duration is the fabulous Awaken compound cake. This bad boy is the answer to the age-old problem of lighting lots of fireworks to achieve a sizeable effect on New Years Eve.

Awaken has 183 shots, lasts an incredible 2 minutes and 22 seconds and is bad boy loud! A shot at a time reach breaking point and break initially into golden glitter centred purple pistils with the tips expanding outwards leaving a trail of glitter in their wake.

Changing throughout this cake has just about every available colour and effect packed in for good measure; glittering willows, fizzing golden palms, peonies, chrysanthemums and brocades, coupled with extensive ground and aerial effects it is a cracking firework. Fast and furious with huge effects, this is simply superb and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Check it out:

Next for your viewing pleasure, the beautiful Constellation cake which has 200 shots, lasts a minute and 20 gloriously sky filled seconds and contains beautifully rich oranges, reds and greens and is fanned to boot.

The reports as each bank ejects are amazing and at an average of 3 shots at a time, a guaranteed favourite:

The next one, King of the Jungle, having seen in the flesh, will stay with you forever. It is a beauty, if not quite as long a duration as some of the others, but it is must have for any self-respecting pyro freak. This fanned barrage features peonies in silver, red, green and mixed with glittering trailed comets and spinners and then as the pace increased, the sky fills with multi-coloured breaks with strobing glitter in a sweeping fan.

Simply beautiful and a brilliant addition to any display or as a standalone piece. Just over a minute in length, it is destined to be a huge hit for either Bonfire Night, New Year's Eve or indeed a celebration of any sort:

Next up on the list for todays delight is the impressively big and brash Global Thunder. This compound cakes hit our shelves last year and to be honest, we did not anticipate the popularity of it at all. Great duration at 2 minutes and 5 seconds, beautiful mixed effects including dragon eggs, huge glittering palms and a great mix of colours and it is the size of a large family suitcase too - it will certainly have tongues wagging.

Finally, the Bunker Buster, another compound cake which has had a revamp (imagine taking your car to Arbarth and getting it re-mapped!) it is bigger and better than its predecessor and set to take the 2018 season by storm.

Purple and green glittering stars wend skywards before breaking into a huge brocade. The pace continues as the effect changes to a rich deep red and yellow peony break before the last bank fires and the sky fills with brilliant crackling dragon eggs.

Awesome. Certain to become a firm favourite amongst pyro lovers.

So, check em out, let us know what you think and maybe (just maybe) you might be intrinsic in future creations ?

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