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Fireworks Washington DC 4th of July:Best Views of

Fireworks Washington DC 4th of July:Best Views of

The firework display in Washington DC is one the most spectacular 4th of July displays in the nation.

First timers in the nation's capital often flock to the National Mall where crowds gather to party like it's 1776. The National Mall is an amazing experience and worth fighting through the crowds, but where do you want to stand for the show-stopping fireworks when they explode over the Washington Sky?

There are plenty of great spots with excellent views to see the fireworks and each venue has its own distinct energy to vibe off for the Independence Day feel. Here is our list of top spots to find in the District while you watch the fireworks:


Next, to the grounds of the White House, the US Capitol is perhaps one of the best spots in town to watch the firework festivities. The Independence Day Concert, A Capitol Fourth, starts at 8 p.m. Visitors who choose this spot can watch this patriotic and star-studded concert and view the fireworks against the sound of the 1812 Overture. The grounds open at 2:30 p.m. This is a popular spot and will get crowded quickly. So pack a good lunch and bring plenty of water and drinks and find your spot early and hold on to it. Also, consider taking the Metro there and back as parking is a rarity and you aren't likely to find any. Also, this spot offers several Metro station options which are essential because with the thronging crowds the wait going home can be long and hot.


This spot gives you bragging rights, after all, how many people do you know who get to watch the Fourth of July fireworks with Honest Abe Lincoln? Even though you may be with a sea of people, there is a tranquillity sitting on those steps at night and looking out over the reflecting pool on the Washington Monument in the distance.


The Washington Monument is the loudest spot to watch the fireworks and probably attracts the largest Independence Day crowd of any place along the National Mall. The fireworks can be seen directly overhead and the bangs can be felt all night.


The reflection of the fireworks on the Tidal Basin makes the Jefferson Memorial one of the more elegant spots to view the Fourth of July festivities. The reflections lend an added beauty to the occasion. That said, there are plenty of kids running around and it is a family-friendly venue, a great place if you have kids. The spot is a bit removed from the National Mall, but can get just as crowded.


The FDR Memorial is a beautiful memorial and offers great views of the fourth of July fireworks. There are still crowds that hang about this area, but it is less dense than near the Washington Monument or Lincoln Memorial so much better if you do not like the crowds.


Hay-Adams Hotel, with its rooftop terrace, has one of the most spectacular and luxurious views of the fireworks. Guests can take in the panoramic scene while enjoying the desert and the open bar. The hotel offers a superb Independence Day package deal that always sells out, so book yesterday!


Located along Constitution Avenue between 15th and 17th Streets, spectators have one of the best seats in the house. This is the closest to the White House lawn that you can get without knowing someone and is a popular spot to watch the Fourth of July fireworks. The Ellipse is also one of the closest spots to a Metro station and party goers can quickly make their exit. If you like to be up close and personal with the fireworks. This is second best to being the man lighting them!


Gravelly Point is a popular spot near Reagan National Airport that offers firework views that won’t disappoint. Here you can be a part of the gathering without getting caught up in the crowd along the National Mall. This is true of a long stretch of the Mount Vernon Bike Trail and there are several Metro stations Rosslyn Metro Station, the Arlington Station, the Pentagon Station and Reagan National Airport Station if the Metro is your means of transportation.

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