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Beautiful picture showing perspective.


A stunning photograph of fireworks over the water, note the numerous fishing boats enjoying the display. Wouldn’t you love to be in one of those boats watching the show? That lucky fisherman.

We love the reflection on the water with the green light, and the silver palm in the middle of the green chrysanthemum is fantastic.

What I really like about this picture is the sense of scale that you get from it. You can tell from the boats in the foreground and the buildings away in the distance, how massive the fireworks are. A scale is notoriously difficult to gauge in images of fireworks, this photograph has managed to give the perspective beautifully.

Take note fireworks photographers, this is how it's done. Something that we instinctively know the size of close to the camera, with something that we can judge the size of in the distance near the action. This is the perfect combination to really demonstrate the size.

Of course, this can be manipulated to make fireworks look bigger OR smaller. For example, if you took a load of model boats then they would appear to be further away than they are. This would be construed as cheating however and certainly be frowned upon.

If you have any cool pictures of your fireworks we would love to see them, we don't even mind if you want to manipulate the scale and try to fool us, in fact, that might be fun! Send them to, the best ones will win a prize.

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