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Barcelona Fireworks Festival / La Merce Festival 2023

Barcelona Fireworks Festival / La Merce Festival 2023

WHAT: La Merce Festival 2023
WHY: Celebration of Barcelona’s patron saint
WHEN: 21st – 26th September 2023
WHERE: Barcelona, Spain

La Mercè

Every year, the streets of Barcelona are lit up and cleared of vehicles to celebrate their Patron Saint, Mare de Due de la Merce.

Over the days surrounding the actual celebration (on the 24th) many exciting events will take place throughout the city, including parades, dancers, stalls, and some mouth-watering street food.

Perhaps one of the best parts of this event? The famous Correfoc (fire run.).

This is where people light fireworks and sparklers and these are sprayed into the crowds!

Mare de Déu de la Mercè

During the festival, most of the streets will be closed off in order to allow the parades to move through the streets, as well as to allow better access to events and stalls.

The best way to get around will certainly be by foot.

Another tradition during the festival is for people to create a human tower standing up!

You may see this is various spaces across the city.

And of course, here is a preview of the stunning Pyromusical display at the festival.

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