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Bangkok NYE Fireworks

I for one was not in the least surprised to find out that the Police in Bangkok have strict instructions to enforce a ban on fireworks INSIDE of buildings.

Now, I am no Health and Safety expert but you would never has supposed that it was necessary to actually tell adults that it is not a good idea to light firework (not the indoor variety – although they should still be used in a well ventilated room) inside the pub. This all started because of the actions of one person who in their wisdom gave every patron in the pub a firecracker to light INSIDE during the countdown resulting in a massive fire which unsurprisingly but tragically took the lives of 66 people who had just gone out to ring in the New Year.

New Years Eve around the World is becoming an increasingly hedonistic affair where it is time to say goodbye to the old and start with the new in style and in Bangkok, they do it in style. As the locals and visitors head out on the town this year, what can they expect from the last night of 2012.

This is the day before the diet starts, marking the end of a good couple of weeks of pure indulgence and its time to fit in some last minute hard-core partying in the City of Angels.

With entertainment on the decks from World-Class DJ’s revving up the heathens in any of the many swanky clubs, raunchy pole dancers in one of the many go-go clubs through the majestic fireworks display along the riverside there is something for everyone in the fascinating City.

The countdown to 2013 takes place in Central World Square in the presence of crowds of several thousand revellers it is likely to be a night you will never forget.

The partying is likely to continue until the wee small hours but many of the locals will head to temple to offer contrition for the forthcoming year to ensure their prosperity continues.

Whether you are in Thailand or Tankersley, we would like you to be sure to have a great New Year, enjoy the celebrations and above all, take care.

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