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Hennessy Cognac is regarded as one of the best in the world and continues to use traditional, time honoured craftsmanship to create a delightfully warming spirit.

Ryan McGinness Edition Hennessey VS

Established in 1765 by Irish military officer Richard Hennessey, today sells around 50 million bottles of the stuff annually to a world-wide market. In moving with the times, they have maintained the old Cognac blend and added variants like Pure White (a young and fruity blend) Hennessy Black (great for cocktails) and Fine de Cognac (a young, blended cognac).

1956 Hennessy ad

Initially, Hennessy Cognac was only available in Cognac France and it started spreading its wings when in 1794, the first shipments set sail for the America’s in barrels. Since 1804, it has been bottled and the Hennessey brand has never looked back.

Cai Guo - Qiang

This year, Hennessy celebrates 150 years with a daytime firework display on the banks of the beautiful Charente River in Cognac, France by Cai Guo-Qiang, the internationally acclaimed artist who regularly uses gunpowder and fireworks as his medium, producing some incredible pieces in the process.

Hennessey Brandy barrels

The 15-minute daytime spectacle was launched, appropriately enough from 150 oak barrels, representing the sesquicentennial of one of the biggest brands in the world.

Check it out:

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