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Atomic Reactor by Epic Fireworks

Epic Fireworks is well known in the UK fireworks industry for continually pushing the boundaries of what consumer fireworks are capable of. This is well illustrated with one of our most exciting new releases for 2010, the Atomic Reactor. This is the big brother of the classic 6 Machine which has proved popular with professionals and back-yard pyros alike. This is a 252 shot rapid firing loud and large calibre barrage and is going to look amazing when lit 2 or 3 at a time.

Heres the review:

We all remember with fondness the 6Machine from Epic Fireworks, one of the best selling fireworks of 2009. Well, can you imagine a 6Machine that has 42 tubes instead of 16 and is fanned as well!

You don’t have to imagine it, here it is.

With each tube loaded with 6 quick release shots. The Atomic Reactor has 252 shots in total and gives 60 seconds of non-stop multi-break action with red waves, green leaves, gold crackles and silver strobes. Busy and fast with on average 4 shots per second, this is, without doubt, going to be one of the most popular new fireworks of the year.

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