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Are We There Yet....Yeah Baby

Back in February, (Visiting The BIGGEST Firework Factory In Beihai. Episode 9 - ) you may remember that Jimmy and Paul went on a 'Mission'. Their task was to have created up to 50 new lines for our ever expanding range of pyro. Once they had discussed requirements and seen first hand what effects were to be put into the fireworks, they left China awaiting the creation of some wonderful new pieces.

Then, early July, Jimmy went back over to Liuyang to check out the goodies and we were absolutely delighted to see that they were actually much better than we initially thought that they were going to be.

Last night, our containers arrived in Felixstowe with the goods ready for transportation to storage bunkers in Lincolnshire and to the numerous containers on site at Head Office. The transport company were waiting with bated breath whilst the containers were transferred and they were underway.

As the biggest firework shop in the UK, we are delighted to confirm that the beautiful Thunderous Finale and Screaming Spiders are back on terra firma and will be available for sale from the end of this week. They have been joined as mentioned already by a huge arrange of different fireworks but a special mention has to be given to Thunderous Finale 2 and Screaming Spiders 2. In both cases, they are similar but particular attention was taken to the end of the effects as this is where most of the changes have taken place so that they can both retain their place as finale pieces but will also fit with other products better with more bursts and superb timing, these are a must for any display.

If you have any firework questions or are looking to save your community some money this year by carrying out your own firing for a display, call in to see us or get in touch by phone or email and one of our technicians will be happy to allay your fears and chat about your requirements and what to expect during the show.

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