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Are We There Yet?

Greenwich fireworks on the River Thames celebrate 2012 Royal Borough status

How many times have you said ‘are we there yet’ or heard it from a child? Many times I would imagine and this coming weekend, it is going to be a similar story but not about the distance but about the time.

The thing is, in November, for the celebration of Bonfire Night, the night sky is dark from around 4.15pm so, children are able to take part in the celebrations but still be in bed as usual for around 7.00pm. However, with this year’s special Jubilee weekend celebrations being in late Spring, the skies above the UK will remain light until after sunset at 9.15pm or thereabouts. This, of course, is going to put bedtime right out of the window.

The majority of the organised displays are being held in conjunction with the lighting of some of the 4000 beacons across the UK but again, these are not due to be lit until around 10.30pm.

We all know that this is a very special occasion and is unlikely to be witnessed again in our lifetime so we will have to cut the kids some slack, take buggies and cosies wherever they go and your set up. I would also recommend baby wipes and PJ’s so that less disturbing once you get the really small ones back home.

Whatever you are doing though, just be sure that you are safe and remember that you should be careful to ensure that all embers of fireworks or barbecue’s are not likely to ignite.

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