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Another adorable fireworks card game!

Following on from our earlier blog about ‘Hanabi’, a fireworks card game, ‘’Fireworks’’ is an adorable card game for 2-4 players, and suitable for anyone aged 6 and over!

With adorable artwork and simple yet engaging gameplay, this is a perfect family game and would be a great addition to a cosy night in!

‘’A group of seven cats have been training very hard to master their profession – shooting the best fireworks in the world. Although rookies, they hope to one day become as expert as their master. After so many years, the day is coming.

Every turn, players use the Fireworks Barrel to launch the Fireworks Die into the Starry Sky Box. If the knocked Fireworks Tiles land face up, the player takes a number of them according to the die, placing them on their Player Board to score points. Whoever scores the most points wins.’’

This lovely game can be purchased online but is relatively scarce. Your best bet to get hold of this game is on the GeekMarket, which can be found by following this link.

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