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Annual Gala by Standard Fireworks

Epic Fireworks - Annual Gala by Standard Fireworks

A blast from the past now by Standard Fireworks.

The Annual Gala barrage is now on sale at Epic Fireworks. This classic barrage was popular back in the early days of single ignitions and is still capable of impressing with its wide variety of effects.

With a long duration (1 minute 15 seconds) this should be a popular seller during this years silly season.

The best part for us was the little clusters of blue stars and accompanying silver fish. This is always a popular effect and blue and silver is a great colour combination as can be seen here in Dhillon and Barry’s bonfire night display. The guys mixed the Cobolt Blue with the Magneto barrage and the effect was brilliant.

But back to the Annual Gala, this is a small but effective barrage and one of the earlier “display in a box” fireworks that they were introduced in their droves in the UK after the Millenium. With Silver tails, glittering peonies, red and green stars, strobing, whistling tails, silver palms, crackles and those brilliant silver flying fish, it is easy to see why this has remained popular for so many years.

There are very few of these left in existence in Britain and they are sure to be in high demand. So get yourself down to Epic Fireworks (J36 off the M1) and grab yours today!!

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