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Angels vs Demons

Every now and then a firework changes the way we think about displays.

Angels vs Demons is one of those fireworks. We knew from the first second we seen this that it was Epic through and through.

Angels Vs Demons by Epic Fireworks

70 giant shots of swirling dragons tails that erupt into huge golden brocades quick fires in a left to a right sweeping fan.

Simple effect, massive impact. Exactly what we like.

Here is an unusual firework video for you all to enjoy, a side view of the Angels vs Demons as well as a front view so you can get a different perspective of the firework in action.

Don't forget, we want to see all your firework videos. No matter how small the firework or how unusual your video is. We will put all the best ones right here, on the worlds best fireworks blog. Only at Epic Fireworks.

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