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And we have these beauties!

And we have these beauties!

If you have never lit a Chinese or ‘Magic’ lantern and let it go into the skies above you really are missing out on a feeling that is almost spiritual.

The Loi Krathong Festival is an event celebrated throughout Thailand and some areas of Burma and Laos. The name Loi Krathong literally translates as Floating Crown or Floating Decoration which comes from the traditional practice of creating buoyant decorations which are then floated on the river in their thousands. Not un-similar to the Lantern Festival in China but the majority of the lanterns over there are actually sent up in the sky.

The festival normally takes place on the eve of the full moon of the twelfth month. The origins of the event are a little speculative but it is believed to have started as an ancient ritual paying thanks to the water spirits. There are many references that also say that it was adapted from Buddhism and the light of the candle is said to offer praise and the floating nature of the Krathong to symbolize letting go of negative thoughts.

The event is a big family affair which includes parades, Thai dance, live music concerts, beauty pageants and of course FIREWORKS.

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