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And they keep on coming...

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We continue to receive testimonials every day … here is a small selection of the ones received over the last day or two ….


Epic was great to deal with. Good advice, very helpful on the phone and fast delivery.
You can watch all of their fireworks individually through links on the Epic website. This really helped us choose the best display pack for the money we had to spend. Note that the videos don't always do the fireworks enough justice - they were even more spectacular to watch for real!!

We got the King James DIY display pack. About ten families all chipped in towards the cost, including 30 packs of Mammoth Sparklers for the kids (and some "grow-ups"!!).

If you want real bang for your buck, this was a far better way of doing it than all buying separate selection boxes, full of smaller fireworks, which can be disappointing.


We wanted loud, dazzling, colourful, exciting fireworks. Epic delivered. Stunning!!
Unanimous verdict from all adults and kids at the shindig last night: The best party display they have seen. Thank You, Epic Fireworks!!!


Just to say that all the fireworks from Epic fired perfectly - great success.


Testimonial: Just a note to say thanks for the fireworks ... everyone said the best show yet and we have been running them for 20 years - 150 people can't be wrong.

Call you again next year for another DIY kit. Thanks again


Thank you for a very helpful and prompt service.
The King James DIY package was absolutely fantastic.
Last night's firework party was a total success. Brilliant!!!

We are delighted with the feedback that we have received and would be most grateful if you would let us know how your display went. We are always striving to make sure that our customers are happy and fully satisfied with the service, product and delivery (where appropriate) and if you collected, tell us how you felt about your experience.

Of course, we will continue to open daily until Christmas Day when we will shut for Christmas and Boxing Days and return to complete the run-up to New Year's Eve to make sure that ALL our customers receive their goods in plenty of time for the festivities.

If you have any fireworks or rockets for New Year, you know where to come for the best – EPIC FIREWORKS

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