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All Year Round Firework Specialists

All Year Round Specialists

Here are five things to look for when shopping at a specialist fireworks shop, and five ways to have fun:

1. Are they stocked out of season? A good specialist will have a good selection of items all year round; This is what makes them a specialist!

2. Do they have an up to date website? Be wary of sites that helpfully offer special deals for Christmas 2007!

1.3G #EpicFireworks :)

3. When you contact them, do they answer? A good business should respond to you quickly, even in the middle of the depths of summer!

4. Do they offer a good range? Not much point travelling to a shop that has run out of everything but selection boxes!

One trolley isn't enough #EpicFireworks :)

5. Do they know their stuff? A good specialist will be able to advise, and chat.

And now, have fun!

A. Ahead planning. There are a lot of really good videos online now, make the most of them! Check out things you want, check they are in stock to avoid disappointment.

B. Budget. Yep, you may well go over. Thats cool. But have a rough idea in your head about the cost of your display.

C. Car Road Trip. If you are travelling, make a day of it. Stop for lunch, tea, whatever works for you.

The EPIC Barnsley Lads

D. Don't be afraid to try something new. The temptation to buy en-mass of a certain favourite item might mean you miss out on trying something new, which could be a lot better than you expected or indeed a style of firework you have never considered.

E. Enjoy yourself. This is so important. Fireworks displays might not last a long time, but they fun you can have in the planning, buying, anticipation and general warm glow that comes from a job well done can't be underestimated!

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