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A Thousand Guys on Fire at the same time!

A Thousand Guys on Fire at the same time!

A brilliant Guy Fawkes-esque plan has been devised to raise money for a children's charity in West Sussex.

"The Night of a thousand Guys" is a charity project with high hopes. In association with the Dreams come true charity, the town of Chichester is attempting to break the world record for the most Guys burnt on a bonfire in one go.

Organised by a weekly West Sussex newspaper, the plan is to get 1,000 of its readers to make their own guy to burn on the giant bonfire, this will be the largest number of Guys ever burnt on a single bonfire.

The event will be the highlight of the Fontwell Park racecourse's fireworks extravaganza on Saturday 31 October.

Dreams Come True is a charity that tries to help seriously ill children by granting their dearest wishes.

We at Epic Fireworks wish the "Night of a Thousand Guys" great success and we hope that the local people can raise a lot of money for this very worthwhile charity.

Burning Guys on a bonfire is about as much a part of British Heritage as you can get and this way you get to make a difference to others and be a part of a world record at the same time.

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