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A Safer Firework Festival Is The Order Of The Day

All participants in the 2013 Mechanical Ground Fireworks festival in Floriana, Malta is locally known as "Nar ta' l-Art", have been told that the firework flames MUST be contained to avoid any further accidents.

Ground fireworks are a unique Maltese pyrotechnic tradition, and since the festival will be held on the eve of Floriana's Parish Feast, those who attend the festival will also get a taste of the lavish local festivities which are a hallmark of Maltese Fiestas. The Festival will be held in the largest square in Malta.

In 2009, a young man was injured when a flame from a misfired Catherine wheel hit him in the face. However, event organisers have assured the public that every safety measure will be taken to ensure crowd safety by keeping them at a safe distance.

The new regulations state that the displays must be built in a way that ensures that flares from fireworks will not be emitted outwards.

The 2013 Festival, being held in April will feature competing teams from around the World and will last around an hour and a half. Each team will present 2 displays in the hope of becoming Mechanical Champions.

There will also be a unique situation when 25% of the score will be allotted by representatives of the competing teams themselves and the remainder of the score will be established by the panel of experts from around the World.

I am sure that if there is sufficient distance between the action and the crowd that there will be little chance of injury being sustained again and this remains a free event which can be enjoyed by all the family.

The categories for the competition include the best use of gears/chains and least used, originality, best mechanism and best products.

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