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A Little Known Fireworks Fact

As we all know fireworks have become a 4th of July tradition in the USA.

Fireworks were used at the first anniversary of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July in 1777.

Of all American companies, Disney, is possibly the best-known company to have embraced fireworks and use over $35,000 worth of fireworks every night.

And of course, in their famous movie logo.

Disney is the only company we are aware of who use perchlorate-free fireworks in a bid to reduce smoke on a regular basis due to the amount they use daily, opting for the vastly more expensive nitrogen-rich oxidisers rather than perchlorates. But, after a little research, we found a more curious link to Walt Disney’s creativity.

History records the unusual fact that Captain John Smith, of Pocahontas fame (tenuous link to Disney I grant you, but times are hard) was the first man to ignite a firework in the USA.

Way back in 1608 in James town Virginia, Captain Smith arranged a fireworks display, some say this was to impress the American natives with this newly found science believed by historians to be either the Paspahegh or Kiskiak tribe. Others feel It may possible have been an attempt to scare or warn the locals “don’t mess with us”.

Whatever the reason, fireworks have become a welcome addition to any celebration over the last two millennia, and in that time they changed very little, as our understanding of chemical compositions and some of the newer variants produced by N.A.S.A in space become more widespread, who knows what changes we will see in the future?

Hopefully, the sky isn’t the limit and our grandchildren will watch displays in space hundreds of miles across.

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