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A fitting goodbye to the Bonfire King

A fitting goodbye to the Bonfire King

Sadly, back in September, a man known in his local area as ‘The Bonfire King’ who had been part of the Lewes Bonfire Society for 50 years passed away.

It was only fitting that has been the driving force behind the Southover Bonfire Society that Keith Austin ashes should be scattered in some beautiful rocket bursts during the gathering of the biggest six of the Lewes Bonfire Societies on November 5th.

His friends were there in force and said that he would have agreed with the decision to scatter his ashes in this way in front of crowds of 30,000 and it would indeed have brought a wry smile to his face.

Following his passing, his coffin was carried through the streets to enable all who knew him to pay their respects.

It is becoming increasingly popular for families of lost loved ones to use fireworks to scatter ashes.

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