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WHAT: Planet Coaster
WHY: A fantastic theme park and firework simulator.
WHEN: Out now.
WHERE: Most gaming platforms.
COST: Cost varies depending on platform, but £7.45 on PC (this is a complete steal!)

A hidden gem of a game can doubles as a fireworks simulator! This game was not made with the intention of fireworks being the focus, however, the game is so detailed and well made that it would not be ridiculous just to play it for the added features!

Planet Coaster is a 2016 theme park simulator, known for it’s stunning world building potential, gorgeous artwork, and customised user designs.

It is reminiscent of old-school Roller Coaster Tycoon, only revamped with many more features, and brought well up to date.

With a very strong customer rating of 9/10 on Steam, this game is an absolute hit.

And the best part? It is available on all the following platforms:

• PlayStation 4 & 5
• Xbox One, Series X and Series S
• MacOS
• Microsoft Windows

The magic in this game, however, is in the fireworks…
You can create hyper-realistic shows complete with scenery, lighting and music!
See below a fantastic example of this, someone recreated Disney’s much loved ‘’Happily Ever After’’ within Planet Coaster…

So, if you can treat yourself this month, and want to quell the post-firework season blues, why not give this game a try, and create fireworks sequences beyond your wildest dreams!

Also, in Planet Coaster, it is not as simple as just pointing and clicking to get the show started, sequences and triggers can be used to help your show run smoothly.

Even if you only buy the game for the fireworks content, you may also be drawn in by the rest of the game’s brilliant features:

• Creating & managing your own theme parks.
• Adding shops, stalls & facilities for your guests.
• Creating customised rollercoasters.
• And so much more…

Take a look here at a park one YouTube user built:

Just remember, you may not be able to create stunning shows straight away, this will take time & patience…

If you do decide to go ahead and dive into this game, here are some helpful tutorials to get you started.

And check out the video below.

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