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A Collection Of American Fireworks Stands By PyroSamm

This is a look at a number of fireworks ‘stands’ in the USA which is either permanently there or simply pop up in time for annual Independence Day 4th July celebrations. Some are really well laid out and smart establishments and others frankly wouldn't withstand much more than a stiff breeze and offer little or no protection from the elements.

In one of the shots, there are a couple of buxom babes serving – you can bank on this shop selling thousands of whatever she is waving about.

Unfortunately, over in the US, they don’t have a fireworks regulatory body which sets out the regulations for the whole of the Country. Each state creates its own law so one state may have a licence to sell all year round whereas the neighbouring town or city are unable to have fireworks at all.

From watching the film through it is evident that most of the pyro on offer appears to be what we would categorise as 1.4g and are in the main TNT and Black Cat brands.

The US has a central commission which defines what constitutes a consumer firework and they are limited to 500g of powder content. When you compare this to the brilliant Thunderous Finale from Epic Fireworks which has 1548 grams of powder, you can see why ours are bigger, better and louder than anything available to a consumer in the USA.

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