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A £50 Display

EPIC FIREWORKS - Guy Fawkes Night Nov 5th Firework Poster

To run us home to Bonfire night, I give you a series of 7 articles, based on what I've fired. Each of them sets the simple theme of a nominal budget and suggestions about what to buy and fire on that budget. Essentially, whatever you have is enough to have fun! The budgets will be £50, £100, £250, £500, £750, £1000 and £5000. I'll start with £50. Your basic, budget-budget- Cat 3, as always. For those crunching with the times! Basic, cheap and cheerful, but still a great way to enjoy a family display.

Starter - Epic Fireworks "LAVA"

Start off with a fountain! This has a nice duration, warms people up and builds the anticipation as the plume builds.

Next- Majestic Fireworks "ACTION ZONE"

For the quality of breaks, duration and colour at under a tenner, this takes some beating. With comets, coloured starts, twinkle and 1.3G volume on the breaks it's a great way of getting peoples attention.

Middle order- This is a budget display, so use a few ROCKETS! Epic Fireworks "SUPREME" at £12.50 gives you a variety of effects, booming bangs and the popular woosh and burst - and keeps the display going for a few minutes- just what you need.

Pre-Finale- Epic Fireworks "MAD MOTH" - Another great cake, 5 sets of 5 effects, another amazing value piece, and pacey, which is what you need to set up your finale of.

Paramount Fireworks "FRAGMA" - Big, big breaks, lingering burst size and volume and sheer quality. A great one to end your show on.

And there we have it. Even a small budget can produce a great little show. Enjoy.

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