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4th July Fireworks Safety and Pets

4th July Fireworks Safety and Pets

4th of July Calendar

July 4th is just around the corner, many Americans and their well-wishers will be putting everything in place for the celebration of the American Independence. Lighting up the sky with fireworks has been an integral part of this celebration.

The thrills of fireworks can also bring the pain if it is handled wrongly. Therefore, as you make your fireworks display, I wish to gently remind you to follow the safety tips and the fireworks code.

Remember to take care of your pets as most animals are "allergic" to noise. Of course, young children must not be involved in the handling of fireworks at any stage. Remember, first thing first ---- do the fireworks first before doing the alcohol. For full details on these plus handling and layout procedures, visit our website.

We wish you all the best.


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