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Herbal remedies for dogs on bonfire night

Over half of pets are reported to be afraid of loud noises and with Fireworks Night just around the corner, pet owners are being advised to treat their beloved pets with safe herbal Skullcap and Valerian tablets to calm their nerves.

For many pet owners, the start of the Firework season signs the start of distressing symptoms in their pets such as salivation, excessive shaking and destructive behaviour. Sometimes this fear is ingrained from birth, but it can also develop over time, meaning that as pets get older, the phobia becomes more and more extreme.

Skullcap and Valerian tablets are a safe, licensed, veterinary herbal medicine which relieves anxiety and nervousness in cats and dogs. The medicine can be given up to a week before firework night and can be continued until the end of the season. The treatment is also effective if used from the day before any firework celebrations. Tablets can be supplied with a pill crusher so that the powdered tablets can be added to food for easy administration.

Another tried and tested remedy is Organic Valerian Compound, which is in liquid form. This is effective from 30 minutes after the treatment is administered, and is particularly suitable for cats and dogs. The liquid can be added to food, or ingested straight from the dropper bottle. It can also be added to bedding to enhance the calming effect.

Both medicines are fully licensed by the Government’s Veterinary Medicines Licensing Authority are available online from Medicine4Animals, a brand owned by leading London Medical Herbalist Deborah Grant, who has officially endorsed the medicines available on Deborah explains: “21st Century Herbal Medicine is now being underpinned by scientific research and as such is becoming increasingly popular with more and more cat and dog owners turning to it for their pets as a safer, gentler alternative to pharmaceutical drugs with their sometimes unpleasant side-effect.”

Deborah, who practices at the world-renowned Hale Clinic in London, also claims that cats and dogs are benefiting from this natural treatment as there are no side-effects. Pet owners are also happy as treating common ailments suffered any serious health conditions should be seen by a veterinary surgeon. She recommends that Skullcap and Valerian tablets should be taken morning and night with food, with double the amount over Firework Night. The liquid Valerian compound can be taken with or without food, and can even be applied to bedding. Pets usually like the taste of this herb.

Amy Larman has been using the Organic Valerian Compound on her two Staffordshire Bull Terriers Tia and Tyler and says:

‘I have two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, one of which I re-homed and who can be very scared of loud noises especially storms and fireworks. I have been using Valerian on my dogs for the past 6 months and for the first time I can now relax on Firework Night as I know I have done everything I can to help them stay calm and get through it.’

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