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Fireworks Championships 2009 Blackpool

Fireworks Championships 2009 Blackpool

Blackpool hosts the International Fireworks Championships.

Starting on Sunday the 6th of September. The Blackpool Illuminations season opens with an international air as countries from all around the world come to compete for the coveted title.

Each team must put on a pyro-musical display that not only reflects their country's cultural heritage but also shows off state of the art design and innovation in pyrotechnics.

The eyes of the world will be on Blackpool for this and competition will be fierce. The first to perform will be Frances Focus Pyro who hope to dazzle the tens of thousands of spectators who line the promenades to witness the best in the world battle it out.

S0036618 Blackpool Fireworks 2015

Pyro - Musical has become an artform in and of itself, honing their skills, the competitors will hope to touch the audience emotionally and use the music and the fireworks harmoniously.

"Music and fireworks go together beautifully when the timing is just right and the mood and feel of the musical piece match the visual display in the sky, the audience responds and the whole becomes much greater than the sum of its parts. There is an acceptance of togetherness between spectator, music and pyrotechnic which can be overwhelming." - Graeme Connelly, pyro musical aficionado.

Weekly heats will see the competitors vying for top space and the publics hearts. We hope you can make it there.

The recommended viewing area for the Blackpool Fireworks or the best place to see the fireworks is all the promenade areas North of the North Pier all the way to Gynn Square. If you know a good spot to watch the Blackpool fireworks let us know and we will share it with the world.


First Heat Sunday, Sept 6 - France, Focus Pyro

Second Heat Friday, Sept 11 - Ireland, Rocket Pyrotechnic

Third Heat Friday, Sept 18 - China, Vulcan International

Fourth Heat Friday 25 - Austria, Lukasser Design Fireworks International

Final Friday Oct 2 - Celebration Display by Kimbolton Fireworks

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