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Mine cakes are a harder to find, seldom seen, firework which unlike traditional mines are made up of multiple tubes and therefore fire several mines one after the other. Often lacking aerial bursts, these fireworks create stunning visuals closer to the ground, and when used alongside other fireworks are superb at providing dazzling multi-layered visuals. Here are our top 3 mine cake recommendations.

Stardust - Noise Rating 4/10 - 32 Seconds - Cost £9.96

Stardust from Black Cat Fireworks produces 25 mine lifts, and costs less than £10, offering excellent value for money. Each row of 5 shots emits different visuals and the first-row fires plumes of silver glitter brocade, the second green tipped mine lifts with red stars, third purple tipped mine with green stars, fourth red tipped brocade to crackling chrysanthemum, and the final 5 shots fire brocade and chrysanthemum mines simultaneously. With no loud bangs, this firework is suitable for low noise displays and would add superb variety.

Angel Dust - Noise Rating 2/10 - 25 Seconds - Cost £9.96

In second place we have Angel Dust, and having been around for many, many years this firework is now a staple for many firework enthusiasts. That said, rumour has it that Angel Dust is no longer being manufactured, so if it is a favourite of yours, we recommend stocking up now! Although Angel Dust has just 20 shots, (5 shots less than Stardust), its net explosive content is greater at 160 grams, (as opposed to Stardust's 125 grams), and therefore each shot has a greater content of 8 grams, when compared to Stardust's 5 grams. That said, Angel Dust provides thicker, fuller, more luscious effects and cycles through brocade mines with accompanying red, green, blue and lemon stars before ending with crackling clusters.

Sky Lab - Noise Rating 6/10 - 30 Seconds - Cost £14.94

Finally, in top spot, we have our very own Sky Lab. Although the two mine cakes before it have very similar effects, Sky Lab certainly does not. Firstly, Sky Lab discharges 5 extraordinary red glitter willow tails, followed by another 5 glitter willow tails in green. Next, pink and blue pearls are sent forth, then 5 willow mine lifts with crackling chrysanthemums before a finale of tourbillion spinners and sonic hummers are heard, which add fantastic sound effects. Variety, they say, is the spice of life!

Ideal as an opener for large displays, mine cakes are considered low noise and are ideal for gatherings with sensitive guests. When used under typical aerial bursting fireworks huge blankets of exciting visuals can be created and generally speaking mine cakes are great at adding extra depth to any firework display. If you are a fan of Angel Dust then we advise stocking up now, otherwise Stardust is a very fine replacement.

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