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For some louder will always be better and for 2021 the inclusion of Klasek Fireworks brings with it an arsenal of louder barrages! Although we have listed our top 5 nosiest fireworks before, our new Klasek items have really raised the stakes with regard to volume and therefore noise-lovers are in for a treat during their next visit to Epic!

1. Flip Mode 100 Shot - Noise Rating 10/10 - 72 Seconds - Cost £165.00
Launched in 2007 our Paramount range of 1.3G fireworks has always been synonymous with loud volume. Flip Mode gives dazzling effects which burst with an almighty, thunderous boom and firing at a rapid pace boisterous bangs resemble distant gunfire. In contrast to the rowdy noise, tranquil falling leaves descend from the centre of giant spider-like brocade bursts and then visuals flip to loud bursting silver palms which are again completely sky-filling.

2. Pyrotechnology 253 Shot - Noise Rating 9/10 - 100 Seconds - Cost £299.99
Klasek's 253 shot compound cake is an absolute monster and conceals a full 4 kilos of explosive content, the maximum allowed within a firework of this type. Its goliath powder weight is put to superb use and after cycling through 26 different effects, and a myriad of firing patterns, 30 loud whistling serpents Z-fire 10 wide. For its finale, a salvo of titanium salutes launch at once and overlapping bursts give thunderclap that radiates deep booming and loud echoing.

3. Dum Bum 25 Shot - Noise Rating 10/10 - 25 Seconds - Cost £34.99
The Dum Bum range needs little introduction and is famous for providing the very loudest fireworks in the UK. This 25 shot cake features maximum sized 30mm inner tube diameters, and therefore you can rest assured that the noise given is full-mouthed and utterly ear-piercing.

4. Brocade War 88 Shot - Noise Rating 10/10 - 80 Seconds - Cost £69.99
An absolute staple for noise-lovers, Brocade War gives both tremendous visuals and stupendous volume! During its performance, hefty brocade bursts fire and hang incredibly well whilst no less than 6 alternating volleys catapult 8 deafening ti-salutes. Emitting 48 overlapping reports, this barrage won't only wake the neighbours, but is worthy of waking the dead.

5. Dum Bum 49 Shot - Noise Rating 10/10 - 35 Seconds - Cost £59.99
The 49 shot Dum Bum takes our top spot as not only does it give the largest number of titanium salutes, but these reports leave maximum sized bores whilst also having the highest net explosive content per tube. Results speak for themselves and intense, powerful blasts can often be felt in your chest. If you wish to end your display on a bang, then no finer firework can be found!
Remember that we also stock a Dum Bum noise pack for those wishing to turn the volume up to eleven! Included are 12 shot tubes, a pair of 25 shot 'Micro' barrages, a fanned Dum Bum and the 25 shot 30mm cake which ranks third in our countdown.
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