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Often the choice of connoisseurs, firework enthusiasts tend to favour single effect fireworks in order to create a highly refined display whilst highlighting key effects at very precise moments. Single effect fireworks lend themselves well to pyromusicals and when timed to a perfect song are able to create memories that will last a lifetime. Here we list our top 10 single effect fireworks!

1. Flying Fish 20 Shot - Noise Rating 2/10 - 40 Seconds - Cost £12.96 - The very best firework displays have a broad mix of firework types yet the Flying Fish effect is often overlooked. Ideal for quieter periods this 20 shot, low-noise cake gently launches a shoal of silver fish and these scatter across the sky in a most captivating fashion.

2. Titanium Fountain - Noise Rating 2/10 - 60 Seconds - Cost £14.99 - In terms of fountains, they don't get better than the Titanium Fountain from Black Cat's Gold Collection. This high-end fountain has a premium build quality and, lacking any crackle, is extremely quiet throughout. Ideal when fired to music, this would look amazing in multiples and gives a vivid blue flame, powerful titanium spray and a third layer of golden flowers. Put simply, fountains don't get classier than this!

3. Silver Spirals 16 Shot - Noise Rating 3/10 - 25 Seconds - Cost £7.44 - Here we have a seldom-seen silver spinner effect and Silver Spirals ejects jaw-dropping tourbillion spinners. This cake is again low-noise, making it ideal for tranquil spells, and will add welcome variety to any display.

4. Swirling Silver Dragons 16 Shot - Noise Rating 2/10 - 28 Seconds - Cost £19.98 - Like all the fireworks on this list, Swirling Silver Dragons gives just one effect throughout its entire duration, but what a hypnotic effect it is! Luscious tails corkscrew almost silently and as they hang incredibly well the drifting effects produce huge columns of bushy-tailed light.

5. Glitter Willow Tail 16 Shot - Noise Rating 2/10 - 29 Seconds - Cost £19.98 - Often raved about amongst firework enthusiasts, Glitter Willow Tail is utterly stunning. The professional looking cake propels luxuriant gold glittering tails and upon these super vibrant pink stars effortlessly soar. Almost silent, this firework can be put to excellent use, and its popularity with firework fanatics continues to surge.

6. Palms Away 40 Shot - Noise Rating 9/10 - 35 Seconds - Cost £64.98 - Palms are arguably one of the publics most loved firework effects, and Palms Away has no less than 40 of them. Maximum sized 30mm bores ensure that the burst sizes are amongst the largest you'll find and being 1.3G the sky-filling effects have the very best kind of crackle.

7. Dum Bum 49 Shot - Noise Rating 10/10 - 35 Seconds - Cost £59.99 - The 49 shot Dum Bum is one of the loudest fireworks in the UK and as a result is an ideal finale piece. Titanium salutes launch above thick glittering mines, and if you want to end your display with a bang then this is the cake for you.


8. Brocade Bonanza 50 Shot - Noise Rating 9/10 - 40 Seconds - Cost £64.98 - Brocade Bonanza is a fan-firing cake and as a result gives over-lapping effects which simply dominate the night sky. Maximum sized tubes give colossal burst sizes and lingering golden brocades fire 5 wide whilst producing high-quality blue coloured tips. Oozing raw power, this fanned barrage guarantees to impress and wouldn't look out of place in a professional CAT4 display.

Brocade Bonanza 50 Shot Fan Cake #EpicFireworks

9. Super White Strobe 49 Shot - Noise Rating 9/10 - 35 Seconds - Cost £59.99 - Super White Strobe has a cult following with those passionate about pyro, and it's not hard to see why. Like the 3 cakes before it, this is both 1.3G and features maximum sized 30mm inner tube diameters, however it is also just 2 grams shy of the net explosive weight limit of 1000 grams. The burst sizes from this are gigantic and give very crisp, unrivalled diamond white strobing. This absolute beast will leave guests speechless.

10. Gold Willow 50 Shot - Noise Rating 8/10 - 40 Seconds - Cost £64.98 - Dominating our top ten single effect countdown is our very own Gold Willow, and this is as close to a professional grade firework you will find. Dirty gold charcoal tails erupt 5 wide and give the finest willow effects you'll see, whilst the hang is first-rate. Breaks are humongous, and the volume at which the effects burst is staggering. This is a firework which will impressive even the most discerning aficionado!

Gold Willow 45 Shot by Epic Fireworks from EpicFireworks on Vimeo.


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