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In recent years the demand for quieter fireworks has seen a large increase as the public crave the excitement of fireworks yet may have young children or pets which don't particularly like louder bangs. Although all fireworks will give some audible noise, here we list our top ten low-noise fireworks and all have a quieter volume rating of 1 to 4.

Star Shaped Sparklers - Noise Rating 1/10 - 90 Seconds each - Cost £1.80 (Pack of 3) - No firework display is complete without the mandatory sparkler, and our Star Shaped sparklers are the very best you will find. Lighting these sparklers at their top point creates sparks which travel both left and right and glitzy, golden effects will dazzle and delight whilst bringing back many childhood memories!

Spectrum Fountain - Noise Rating 2/10 - 40 Seconds - Cost £7.92 - The Spectrum Fountain from Standard is incredibly unique and produces a rarely seen jelly bean effect. The firework juggles a wide spectrum of rainbow-coloured balls, hence its name, and does so softly as to not alert your neighbours. The dazzling display is equally delightful and delicate and is sure to impress all.

Silver Spirals 16 Shot - Noise Rating 3/10 - 25 Seconds - Cost £7.44 - Here we have a seldom-seen silver spinner effect, and Silver Spirals ejects jaw-dropping tourbillion spinners. This cake is again low-noise, making it ideal for tranquil celebrations, and will add welcome variety to any display.

Ponytail Crown 16 Shot - Noise Rating 3/10 - 35 Seconds - Cost £19.98 - Ponytail Crown is a 16 shot cake which discharges muted horsetails. Exquisite golden tails light the night with an abundance of trailing glitter and slowly fall in a display of pure elegance. Perfect when loud bangs are to be avoided, this provides great beauty with no substitute to performance.

Ponytail Crown - Bursting Bad Series - Epic Fireworks

Swirling Silver Dragons 16 Shot - Noise Rating 2/10 - 28 Seconds - Cost £19.98 - Another firework from our quieter 'Bursting Bad' range, Swirling Silver Dragons is a visually stunning barrage which provides a resplendent display without any commotion. Luscious tails corkscrew almost silently and as they hang incredibly well the drifting effects produce huge columns of bushy-tailed light.

Swirling Silver Dragons - Bursting Bad Series #EpicFireworks

Glitter Willow Tail 16 Shot - Noise Rating 2/10 - 29 Seconds - Cost £19.98 - This professional looking cake propels luxuriant gold glittering tails and upon these super vibrant pink stars effortlessly soar. Almost silent, this firework will dazzle guests, whilst those out of sight will be none the wiser to your merriment.

Flying Fish 20 Shot - Noise Rating 2/10 - 40 Seconds - Cost £12.96 - Ideal for reserved and peaceful displays, this 20 shot, low-noise cake gently launches a shoal of silver fish and these scatter across the sky in a most captivating fashion. Flying Fish effects are often overlooked yet add great diversity to any firework display.

Flying Fish 20 Shot Barrage

Crossette Effect 36 Shot - Noise Rating 4/10 - 22 Seconds - Cost £24.96 - Crossette Effect is the loudest firework on this list, yet its volume still sits at a cautious 4/10. Luminous red, silver and green pearls sail to towering heights before wondrously splitting into four separate stars, hence creating a crossette effect. The serene performance gives muffled pops, rather than any loud bang, yet visually it's sensational.

Tracer Bullet 105 Shot - Noise Rating 3/10 - 24 Seconds - Cost £17.76 - Nearing the pinnacle of our low-noise fireworks we have Tracer Bullet, a 105 shot fanned barrage. Fuzzy corkscrewing tails spread 7 wide to give a splendid peacock effect, and thick glittering plumes are the driving force behind glowing red stars. Throughout the dazzling performance, just feint fizzing sounds are heard and its overall volume rates a mere 3/10 on our noise scale.

Moving Target 105 Shot - Noise Rating 3/10 - 22 Seconds - Cost £17.76 - Moving Target is, in our opinion, our very best quiet firework because it has huge visual impact whilst its volume is rather restrained. Sweeping left, and right thick glittering tails launch red stars upon blue pearl mine lifts and then green stars soar amidst thick golden trails. Fizzing and gorgeous red glittering willow comet tails follow, and the pace and density of effects are simply top-drawer!


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