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This year, as many of you will already know, we have taken a number of trips over to China to ensure that we continue to provide the opportunity to our customers to enjoy every effect possible.

In previous years, we have depended on other suppliers, known for their product range to bolster our 16 shot range. We would prefer that it was our own product, made to our specifications with the right timings, rich colours and sky filling effects.

All of the range of 16 shot barrages, are competitively priced and are a must for any display.

Dragon Warrior fast-paced comets rise and then break into golden brocades ejecting multicoloured stars and ending with a four-shot finale of red and mint green.

Werewolf – each shot produces red, green and blue stars and strobes ending with a four-shot pink and indigo crackle cloud finale burst.

Furysixteen shots of comets break into huge clusters of red and blue stars. A lovely addition to any show.

Alienlarge and loud clusters of lilac and green breaks interlaced with palms and a crackle cloud finale.

Aftershock – silver spinners with lilac tips break into the golden whispering palm with a gold willow and crackle cloud finale.

Cyborg16 shots of fast-paced multicoloured pearls of red, lilac and green ending with a variegated multi shot stars and a crackling clouds.

Elitemulti coloured varying sized stars break into large bursts of red, blues and greens with a four-shot golden brocade and crackle cloud finish. This is bound to be one of the season’s favourites.

Venom – one of the most unusual sounding fireworks available at this time. Very loud with massive breaks of green and silver palms with strobing red and silver dancing lights and a 4 shot finale.

High Voltage – Huge silver chrysanthemums with blue bursting peonies an silver comets ending with a massive crackle cloud.

All of the above are priced at half the manufacturers recommended retail price to ensure that our customers get the best available products at fantastic prices.

If you would like further advice about any of the above-featured fireworks, or any other item in our range, please do not hesitate to get in contact directly. We are open 7-days a week, 362 days of the Year and have something to suit every budget and firing space. You can call us, email, tweet or get in touch via Facebook.


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