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1.3g Rockets by Epic Fireworks

Rocket Collection

These days, a nice 1.3G rocket is better value than ever. In days gone by, they were pricey, eye-catching and all too often under-performing fireworks. In recent years, both the quality and the affordability of big rockets have improved, and there are lots to choose from. For sure, they might not be quite as loud as they once were, but they are loud enough.

Starting off, Mega and Supreme are both excellent value for money packs. Volume and performance far outshine the small size of them and are remarkably good value.

Moving up, Rocket packs like Sky Storm and Tomahawk and single rockets like Hawk will all add to a display and are good on their own. The lingering burst on Hawk is amazing and must be seen.

Upwards of this, there is a large range of fireworks from £10-£15, generally, these are the big bursters and double bursters, good enough to round off a small show on its own. Top of the tree, if you can still find it, is the King – the Bugatti Veyron of big rockets.

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