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1.3g Quality Firework Rockets - Epic Professional Rocket Box 1

1.3g Quality Firework Rockets - Epic Professional Rocket Box 1

Epic Fireworks - Professional Rocket Box 1

All men, being young lads at heart just love rockets thanks to them being really loud and which little lad do you know that didn't make a rocket out of a loo roll holder.

These bad boys are truly massive and come with some beautiful bursts. 30 rockets in total (which being from Epic, of course, are half the recommended retail price) they can be delivered to your door along with launch tubes and you are ready to fire.

The effects are rich and varied including palms, willows and silverfish to name just a couple.

If you would like to check out the video’s before you buy, simply go to our rockets link and check out each of the products in turn. Just remember that however good the images are, for the most part, they are simply footage taken by our customers from their own displays and are not meant to give you a definitive image but more of an idea of the burst to expect.

Of course, whilst we are all about the pack, each of the rockets are available either as an individual piece or as part of a smaller pack – if you have any questions, please get in touch.

At Epic Fireworks you will only find the best consumer 1.3g firework rockets. Watch the firework video below of the Epic Professional Rocket Box 1.

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