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Did you know?

Did you know that fireworks including elements of all of the following disciplines:

• Chemistry
• Physics
• Aerospace engineering
• Materials sciences
• Fire science
• Psychology
• Neurosciences
• Risk management

Basically, fireworks are a clever and ancient combination of elements packed into a tube and burnt causing a chemical reaction which is dependent on the chemicals used.

Fireworks started out as being used to scare away evil spirits but soon they cottoned onto the idea that they would cause damage and were thereafter used as weapons.

Research into ‘greener’ fireworks is gathering pace as they replace some of the more noxious substances like potassium perchlorate within fireworks to Nitrogen based alternatives which they hope will retain the same impact of colours and effects without any of the toxicity issues.

The planning of a professional fireworks show is more about maths and muscle than anything else. Professional firers have to establish safety distances for each item as they can differ massively dependant on the type, size and shape of shell or mine being utilised.

Given the various scientific disciplines involved and that we are just over 6 miles from the City of Sheffield’s fantastic Hallam University, one of the country’s top ten places to study Chemistry in the UK, it is not unsurprising that we get visits from the students and their families en route. One young man, called in on his way to the Halls of Residence and collected some firework paraphernalia for his walls!


Fireworks Bring Touch Of Colour To Scottish Village

Firework Display - Hogmanay Street Party, Dornoch, Scotland

THE sky over an Aberdeenshire village was lit up with colour in an annual fireworks celebration designed to dispel the January blues.

Around 1,500 people gathered for the 10th annual fireworks festival at Johnshaven harbour last night.

The celebrations are organised and funded by local residents who are keen to bring some festivity into one of the least eventful months of the year.

The fireworks were due to be held on January 10 but had to be postponed due to the severe weather conditions.

Bobbie Still, owner of The Ship Inn, helps to organise the event and says residents were determined that the heavy snow would not stop the festivities.

“This is our 10th year,” she said. “It was started on the millennium with a few fireworks.

“The village wanted to carry on the tradition.

“I think everybody likes fireworks. It’s really good.”

People from as far afield as Inverurie gather at the village harbour every year for the popular event.

A barbecue was provided for visitors before local fire dancers Fire Poise performed for spectators at the harbour yesterday.

Officials from Fireworks Scotland set off the colourful display before Chinese lanterns were lit, in a new addition to the event.