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Children’s programmes always have a moral or social impact story woven through them and usually address fears. This episode tackles firework fear when Bing, Sula and Amma aim to watch the display. Bing is fearful and is suddenly startled by the loud report from a rocket, forcing Bing to retreat indoors.

His little friends create some ear protectors to lessen the impact so he can enjoy them without fear.


Spider Aerial Filming Fireworks

Anyone who recently watched the British Musical fireworks championships could not fail to be mesmerised by all the fireworks, but for Ben Sheppard (pictured above) and Mike Bishop (pictured below) it was just another day at the office.

Mike & Ben, who run Spider professional aerial filming, were approached by the BBC ‘One Show’ to film the British Musical fireworks championships; making the video the UK’s first ever professionally shot fireworks with a drone flying through the display.

Using state of the art equipment, costing up to £7000 for the camera alone, we definitely felt that tensions would have been running high when you take how close to some of those huge display shells the drone was flying.

Filming at a whopping 4000 pixels per inch giving a resolution of 3840 x 2160 or 25 frames per second at 200 megabits per second, you really feel part of the action.

Using a Vulcan Multi Frame Spider Super 8 Octo-Copter fitted with back up batteries, this is classified as a 7-20 kilo aircraft and with CAA permission these coaxial designed aircraft are the safest in the industry.

The list of works filmed by the Spider guys is impressive in itself; you will have seen them in action if you have watched premiership football in Scotland on BT Sport, the World Formula 2 Powerboat Racing or the Evian Ladies Masters’ Golf Tournament.

So if there is anyone out there who wants to capture a moment for prosperity from an unusual angle, contact them through the contact page on their website – spideraerialfilming.com

In the meantime enjoy the fireworks.


It Works! Underwater Rocket, Scientific Proof

Here it is folks. the undisputable scientifically proven evidence that you have all been waiting – at least a minute since you read the title of this post – to hear.

Take one firework rocket. Stick it in a bottle of water. Light the fuse. You are now a scientist. It really is that easy. This video shows the BBC’s “Bang goes the Theory” with one of their hip young presenters teaching a group of children how to play with fireworks scientifically. You see the key word here is science. If you get bunch of kids to watch you light fireworks in a public park under normal conditions, it could be that you find yourself in a wee bit of bother. Get the word “science” in there however, and you quickly become a respectable scientist who is bettering mankind, by getting a bunch of kids to watch you light fireworks in a public park.

We love science here at Epic Fireworks. Without science there would be no fireworks, just people mindlessly blowing up chemicals to create colourful and noisy light shows in the sky, and that wouldn’t do at all.

Science, we salute you.