So, it’s almost that time again when we start collecting bits of old wood to put together a small bonfire for the fabulous fifth of November, at the bottom of the garden, in the same place we had it last year. The Pie & Peas, Parkin, Jacket Potatoes, Fireworks, and Sparklers collection will ensure a good night will be enjoyed by all.

From the age of five, I would have been passed a sparkler spinning it round like a manic musical conductor, lost in the magic. Now years on, I have grown out of …. no, just a minute, you can’t ‘grow out of’ sparklers, as an adult, you just take them to another level!  Sparkler Art has long been an inexpensive way of producing a unique piece of art and is relatively easy to re-create.

These days everybody has a camera built into their smartphone, but you will need a tripod or some other way to keep the image completely stable to prevent wobble; trust me it is very difficult to hold a camera steady for 30ish seconds!

In the ‘Settings’ menu of the camera/phone, go to the Professional settings (depending which phone you have) and start by setting the F stop rate to F8 and the shot duration to 25-30 seconds as a starting point, setting the flash option to fire after the pre-determined time-lapse to “Fix” the picture otherwise you may find you have a blurry exposure.

Try a few test shots just to see how it goes, adjusting the time up and down accordingly to achieve a clear shot – if it is overbright, try dropping down a few seconds or extending the time if too dark.

Remember the time-lapse is your ‘creation’ or ‘drawing time’ so plan ahead, have a few attempts and above all, don’t be afraid to try a few different distances to get the best possible result.

The more obscure or unique the designs are the better, as they will be remembered.