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Thunder over Louisville 2015

WHAT: Thunder over Louisville 2015
WHEN: Saturday 18th April 2015
COST: FREE (but you will need to buy a 2015 pegasus pin to gain access to all areas)

There is little more loved than a combination of things most of us know and love – Music and of course beautiful fireworks. With some instantly recognisable tunes, it would be rude not to sing along. This years theme ‘Boom with a View’ heralds the 30 minute show packed with the biggest and brightest professional display fireworks arguably in the USA.

The annual fireworks display is one of the largest of its kind in the USA and is said to set the scene for the forthcoming Derby Festival, the home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby.

The event, which began way back in 1990, uses an average of 25 tonnes of pyro which is laid out on multiple barges on the river as well as lining the banks and on the bridge which spans the beautiful Ohio River. The organisers established from the first ever show that it should be the ‘pinnacle of pyrotechnics’ and ‘every sequence should be of the same power and intensity of a finale’ and they have never been let down.

The fireworks this year are once again being handled by one of the firework industry’s forerunners, Zambelli International. No strangers to pyro-musical, this team are world leaders in technical innovation and are responsible for some arguably the most beautiful displays in the World and they choreograph and create over 1600 shows annually to the delight of tens of thousands of people.

Zambelli Fireworks set up in business when they moved from their native Italy 120 years ago and they have never looked back. The Italian companies favour bright rich reds, oranges and greens so they will be bright and colourful. Last year they filled the sky with an enormous number of HUGE shell bursts so if they are planning to get bigger and better then get ready. The music selection vary widely from classical to rock with a smattering of show tunes in for good measure but the surprise is that although it is held in Kentucky there was no ‘Country Music’ included but perhaps the cadence is not right.

Thunder Over Louisville was moved in 1991 and grew and grew. In 1997, they added an airshow into the mix and today, it remains one of the biggest events in the firework calendar. Packed with varied entertainment from the air show to fireworks, kids play area and pony rides, bouncy castles and face painting to name just a smattering of what is on offer.

Holding the event costs a not inconsiderable $1 million but it generates $56 million in return for the local business community and charitable causes so worth every dime.

Check out the video footage from last years event:


St Georges Day Fireworks Bexhill Bonfire Society

WHAT: Fireworks with Bexhill Bonfire Society
WHEN: Saturday 25TH April 2015
WHY: To celebrate St Georges Day

Last November 2014, saw the members of the Bexhill Bonfire Society ready to hold a fireworks display, the first in almost a century. But, thanks to poor weather conditions and resistance from the Council, this had to be postponed until April 2015 when they decided that the celebration should be for Saint George’s day instead.

Bexhill was one of the original Sussex Bonfire Societies which began following the taking of the lives of several protestant town folk from across the Sussex region during the ‘Marian Persecutions’ for their protestant religious beliefs. Seventeen local men and women were burned at the stake who became the Sussex Martyrs.

Now, make no mistake, the societies aim is not to berate the Catholic faith, rather it is to acknowledge that with each change of monarch, there was a shift in the country’s permitted religion.

During the reign of King Henry VIII, he moved away from the Catholic Faith in order to marry Anne Boleyn, who had refused his advances. But, he was desperately in love with Anne and could not get his marriage to Catherine of Aragon annulled whilst he remained under the control of the Pope.

The break with Rome was a long hard-fought battle eventually, in 1534 the Act of Supremacy was brought into effect and Henry was bestowed the title of Supreme Head on earth of the Church of England.

As you might appreciate, having been told they could no longer follow the Catholic Faith (which they had been doing for decades), the people changed over to the English-speaking Church of England and carried on supporting Christianity for some twenty years whilst under Henry’s rule. At this point, indoctrinated into the Church of England, the people liked the new faith that was easy to follow being in English instead of Latin until his death when his daughter, Mary, born to Catherine of Aragon came to the throne.

Mary 1st overturned all of the decisions made by her father, reinstating the Catholic Church as the overall ruler in 1553. She was determined to rid the country of this and vowed to burn at the stake any person for the ‘crime’ of being a protestant killing hundreds of men, women and children (including those who lost their lives in Sussex) in the process gaining her the title of ‘Bloody Mary – all in the name of religion.

Today’s societies still carry 17 burning crosses in memory of those who lost their lives at the hand of Mary 1st and they also burn effigies of the Pope as representative of the Catholic regime alongside other creations in the image of celebrities from across the last couple of decades.

The Bexhill Bonfire Society has not displayed for almost a hundred years so it is lovely to see some of the old traditions resurrected for the celebration of England’s Patron Saint George.

The entertainment is as follows:

6:00pm Gates Open.
6:30pm Entertainment provided by Georgia Steel, singer/songwriter and pianist. The Hellcats, a rockabilly band and Intruda with Kidzieg a local rapper.
9:00pm FIREWORKS by Renegade Pyrotechnics.
9:20pm Dorey the Wise – local artiste.
10:20pm Home-time!

Please note that whilst this is a completely free event, they are limited to 1500 places for safety reasons so we recommend that you contact them via their FB site “Bexhill Bonfire Guys” for ticket information and, as they do this for charity, please DIG DEEP and pop it in one of the buckets which will be around about.

You can take your own food and beverages along but there will be a huge Hog Roast and a licensed bar alongside other concession stands. Should be a great evening out for all the family.

Fireworks-Festival of Fireworks 20159010

Festival of Fireworks 2015

WHAT: Festival of Fireworks 2015
WHY: It’s a fireworks competition
WHEN: Saturday 5th September 2015
OPENING TIMES: Gates open at 5.00pm
WHERE: Catton Hall, Derbyshire
WHAT TIME DO THE FIREWORKS START: The first fireworks display will start at 8.30pm

This is the sixteenth year of competition and it features some of the highest calibre of pyrotechnics in the UK. The event is the brainchild of super display specialists Jubilee Fireworks and it goes from strength to strength every year. All of the displays are all set to music and really it’s a get together to see some of the best pyro available to our industry and of course, to see what has been brought to the table to add that little something out of the ordinary into the mix.

Whilst the gates open at around 5pm, spectators generally arrive on site from around 6.30 – 7.30pm and there will be concessions in effect but everyone is encouraged to bring seating, blankets, and a picnic and let the whole family just enjoy an evening of fantastic entertainment. There is some ‘pre-display’ entertainment which will be detailed closer to the time.

All of the competing displays are around 10 minutes each accompanied by music and lights and the first display gets under way for around 8:30pm with a break of around 10 minutes between to allow for set up etc.

The competitors this year are HC Pyrotechnics, Sirotechnics and Dragon Fireworks, all of which have a brilliant pedigree in the fireworks field having won some of the biggest accolades in International Fireworks competitions.

A little about the competing teams:

H C PYROTECHNICS – One of Belgium’s premier firework companies who organize a firework spectacular at home called ‘Knokke-Heist International Fireworks Contest’ which brings together some of the best pyro teams in Europe to fill the skies between 19th and 27th August. Sure to bring lots of colour to the event this will be one to watch.

SIROTECHNICS – Birmingham based display specialists. One of the less experienced teams headed by the dynamic Simon Harding but that said, having won the British Musical Firework Championships in 2013 and they continue to surprise and amaze with unique and innovative features in their display. Renowned for bringing something special, keep an eye on these boys.

DRAGON FIREWORKS – Surrey based display team who create ‘out of the box’ displays resulting in some truly magical results. The team have worked on a wide number of displays including Ringo Starr and a number of displays for Silverstone Grand Prix race circuit events.

Last, but by no means least the organizers of the event, JUBILEE FIREWORKS. Formed in 1987 they are a major driving force in UK pyrotechnics being previous holders of both the Southport British Musical Fireworks Championships and the British Firework Championships in Plymouth.

The venue, Catton Hall, has been owned by the same family since 1405 with the present hall built around the original property in 1740. Standing on the banks of the River Trent it is a magnificent site open to the public with a wide variety of events throughout the year.

Close to Birmingham and Leicester it offers a number of places to visit around about, especially being on the edge of the Derbyshire National Park.

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