Ferris Fling Catherine Wheel Fountain

If you have ever seen or fired the wonderful Krazy Klock then you are simply going to love the new addition to the range. A stunning little novelty fountain from Brothers Pyrotechnics.

The Ferris Fling is a fabulous little Catherine wheel/fountain combination which is low on noise and high on effects, and will give even the most discerning fireworks lover something to check out.

Lasting an impressive 1 minute and 40 seconds it removes the usual ‘wheel’ issues like not spinning or falling off the tree by being a standalone item which you light and walk away from.

With three Catherine wheels and 4 fountain elements it starts off with red flames spinning out of the sides and then progresses onto a huge fountain of beautiful silver sparks at the same time then it glows until the beautiful gold and purple sparks begin. The effects continue into green sparks and then a beautiful amber fountain before all of the colours come into play together. It ends with spinners changing to a glowing lilac.

Simply excellent value for money with this long-lasting, high effect novelty item which I guarantee will be something of a talking point for weeks after the display.

Broughton Hall Firework Champions 2014

WHAT: Broughton Hall Fireworks Champions Event 2014
WHEN: Saturday 20th September 2014
WHERE: Broughton Hall Estate, Skipton, Yorkshire, BD23 3AE
COST: £18.00 for ADULTS £8.00 CHILDREN

Broughton Hall is a beautiful Georgian Country House which has been home to the Tempest-Baronets for over 900 years. The current residents are the 31st generation of the Tempest Baronets to make Broughton their home.

The hall is set in 3000 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds and is positioned just 3-miles outside of the town of Skipton, North Yorkshire. The hall recently underwent a massive refurbishment, whilst still carefully retaining the character and age of the property.

Last year Broughton Hall attracted crowds of more than 2000 spectators and the staff working for the Hall said that the fireworks event was superb and was complete with ‘brilliant entertainment and the best of Yorkshire’s food and drink and of course, camping’.

There are 3 teams competing who will each produce a magnificent firework display choreographed to music. The teams only use CAT 4 fireworks which are NOT available to the general public and are the loudest, biggest and brightest that the UK has to offer. The pyro comes from all around the World from China, Spain, Germany and Italy and will include all manner of different effects.

The firing order is as follows:

9:30pm – Phenomenal Fireworks, Standish. The team fired last year at Capesthorne Hall where I thought that the section fired to ‘Diamonds’ by Rhianna was stunning. The team provided displays all over the UK with a team of firers. Good luck. The display was designed by Andy Slinn and the firing system in use is FireByWire.

9:45pm – Skyburst the Firework Company, Bristol. This company has been in the fireworks business for over 30 years and it remains a family business and this is the third time they have fired at this event. With a team of 250 firers working all over the UK they are kept busy all year round firing displays of all kinds from small personal parties to huge corporate or national celebration events. The firing system being used is Fireone.

10:00pm – Optimum Fireworks, Yorkshire. Established in 2010 but the staff have fired for other companies for over 13 years before setting up their own display business. In their words ‘we’re not just passionate about pyrotechnics its much more than simply a job to us, we love them!’ The firing system in use is FireByWire.

Voting for the winner is carried out by text message and the audience choose their favourites and whilst the calculating takes place, the organisers and professional display team from the fantastic MLE Pyrotechnics will keep the visitors entertained with a finale show which is sure to take everyone’s breath away.

The fireworks event of the year has to be the Firework Champions. As with the other stately homes holding this prestigious event, you are able to just go along to enjoy the fireworks or indeed spend the day there with family and friends and perhaps camp overnight.

If you need any more information, please contact the organisers MLE via the site set up for the event:


We would absolutely love to see any video or stills you take on the night so if you could send them over to us at sales@epicfireworks.com we would appreciate it.

Good luck to all the competitors.

£10 For London’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display

It has been announced by #FatCatBoris, AKA Boris Johnson, Mayor of London that this year, tickets for this spectacular will cost £10 per person.

With just 100,000 tickets available will this mean that some regulars will have the choice of losing out or simply not attending. At these costs, an average family would be forking out £50+ when you take into consideration travel, food and other incurred sundries, not a small cost in this time of austerity.

With an average crowd of over half a million this year’s London New Year’s Eve display may fall a little short of expectations as the reaction to the news is very mixed as some feel that the main reason, safety, should be paramount but some of the general public feel very much that it is more about the money-maker that is London Borough.

It would appear that ticket holders would have to arrive early for the show to ensure a good viewing area, meaning they could be waiting for a long time in cramped conditions with somewhat inclement weather. Alarm bells may already be ringing for anyone with children as they can easily get bored waiting for exceptionally long periods of time for the chimes of Big Ben and the start of the festivities.

The event, first staged by the London Eye in 2003, has steadily grown in popularity to a stage where viewing areas are now full to capacity by early evening. The London New Year’s eve display is not just a national event but world-wide spectacle, viewing figures from the BBC for the 2013 display topped 13.3 Million viewers, with millions more watching on their local T.V stations.

Will the change to the way the event is funded increase this figure? Will most stay at home and watch on T.V in the comfort of their own home? or will the cost outweigh the atmosphere provided at this stunningly popular event?

It has been suggested by those in the know that the introduction of tickets had to be done to ensure the safety and continuation of this icon event. Ed Lister, Deputy Mayor has insisted this is a non-profit exercise, as all the funds received will go towards the costs incurred from the extravaganza; this includes the tickets themselves the actual pyro, fencing, stewards, police and ambulance cover, transport subsidies, etc.

The cost of the fireworks alone for the 2103 New Year’s Eve was £200,00 at £10 per person this means potential recouping £1 Million toward the event. However, these figures are contradictory as the same offices press release last year confirmed that the amount of money brought in by the event ran into the £300 million mark so this begs the question whether or not this is really such a great idea after all.

Simon Bray the Metropolitan police commander has welcome the move as they feel this will help towards the policing of the event and ensure a safe and crime free area for all ticket holders.

Being from “up North” and not au-fait with the ways of the Capital, I expect the tickets available on the night from the ticket touts will double if not triple in cost as there always seems that there is someone who just happens to have a couple of tickets spare for a cost, example: tickets for Red Bull X fighters 2012 online £21.00 cost of similar ticket from guy stood by gate £65.00. Time will tell if this becomes the norm for years to come, experience has told us that once an event becomes ticketed it very rarely becomes a free event again.

Hopefully this change to the festivities will increase the budget for the actual Pyro and not take anything away from the spectacle that is in a sense a show a nation is proud of and become a corporate entity filled with adverts from the major brand manufacturers or even worse a pay-per-view.

Tickets will be available from 12 noon on September 26th by visiting www.london.gov.uk/nye

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