Virgin Money Fireworks Concert 2015


The Virgin Money Fireworks concert is an event that was said to have been established in 1947 in Scotland to reignite the human spirit, which was all but destroyed following World War II.

However, what was once a small event has grown year on year and of course, including fireworks in the night sky over the stunning setting of Edinburgh Castle sitting in the midst of one of the biggest natural amphitheaters so the sound of the explosions are all around.

The music is a vivid interpretation of events throughout history and with fireworks choreographed to coincide with the musical notations.

There are anticipated to be crowds of up to 250,000 who will take any vantage point to take in the explosions in the night sky over Edinburgh’s most famous landmark.

On average a display of this size and technicality takes around 300 hours of planning, 4-5 weeks in the design stage and 2 whole weeks of listening to the tracks of the music to be played to pick up on the beat count etc to find the best cue points. Bearing in mind that firstly, the music is LIVE and secondly, not all classical music lends itself to pyro-musical excellence so it’s a case of see how the balancing act goes. During set up there are 15 technicians on site up to 12 days of preparation with pyro set up on every part of the castle and to achieve the right effects and colour combinations, this is a task and a half.

Details of ticketing etc will be made available shortly so we will update you then.

St Patricks Day-iii

St Patricks Day Fireworks At Disneyland Paris

WHAT: St Patrick’s Day Fireworks
WHEN: Tuesday 17th March 2015
WHERE: Disneyland, Paris

The 17th March 2015 marks St Patrick’s Day – the patron saint of Ireland.

Each year, the park puts on lots of fireworks for the gathered throngs with a distinctly ‘green’ theme about them. Throughout the day, there are bands playing, parades featuring bagpipes and traditional dance but when darkness falls, the magic begins.

Over to Cinderella’s Castle which is lit in green with beautiful giant shamrocks dancing around the façade – it really is uplifting.

Of course been Disney, every piece is perfectly timed and the symmetry is absolutely spot on. There were some spectacular slices, horsetails and thick dragon tails which all came together to put on a beautiful show. The finale was a MASSIVE rainbow projected onto the castle which was followed by images of falling coins as they reached the end of the rainbow.

Disney are known for their wide use of fireworks as Disneyland alone holds 230 firework shows annually and they have got a great deal greener with a cleaner and much quieter range of pyrotechnics to use in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint. Compressed air has been used since 2003 following concerns raised about the levels of pollutants launched into the atmosphere and today, although they now use 60,000 lbs of explosives, given that it used to be 90,000 lbs that is quite some saving without impacting on the show.

double dipped sparklers

Sparkler Art Photography

You Will Need

We all treat sparklers with a certain amount of disdain, as they are considered to be the ‘least pyro-esque’ item in most firework shop ranges. Indeed, they are frequently given free or form part of the ‘afterthought’ process … you know the one, the order arrives on the trolley and the customer will then check out the purchases on the pile before the inevitable ‘Do you do sparklers?’ comes. But in reality, they are a beautiful addition to any occasion whether fireworks are there or not.

Over the last couple of years, Sparklers have been introduced into Wedding celebrations but one of our favorite uses is for ‘Sparkler Art’.

Pop the camera on the tripod and pick your spot in front of the camera (it helps to establish your position whilst there is enough daylight
Set the camera up: set the aperture to F8 and the exposure time to 25-30 seconds for best results

Dumbing down, especially for techo-phobes like ‘moi’, the exposure is set to 25-30 seconds and this is your ‘drawing time’ where everything done in front of the camera will form the final image. You can avoid a ‘tail’ or ‘trail’ on your image if you just continue to overdraw until the click if the shutter. One other tip, if you are writing your name, you need to do this backwards.

Sparkler art is only really limited by your imagination – check some out from the internet:

an angel in our midst.

2014 - Fireworks

Hot rockers

We absolutely love sparkler art and have tried a couple of times with our point and shoot camera’s without much success, but having bought my hubby a Fuji Finepix S9500 for Christmas, we are only a few steps away from capturing some brilliant shots so we will keep you updated as this might be a project for the weekend.

Give it a try and we will feature the images on our website/FB page.

Happy shooting xx

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