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£59.95 (incl. VAT)

RRP £145.87

This firework pack consists of ground and aerial effects, guaranteed to thrill audiences young and old.

Included is the awesome Family selection box containing a mix of fireworks including fountains, roman candles, rockets, and a wheel and a missile cake, there is definitely a great deal of variety.

The 1.3G Heat Seeker, Saturn Five, Super Six and Bazooka Bomb rockets add mixed effects to the skies above and the finale will be the epic favourite - the 27 shot, Whistle Mix Pop barrage.

Costing a very reasonable £59.95 representing a saving of almost £86 against the recommended retail price with a FREE Blue Lights barrage.

Continuing with the principle that with care you can get great value for money and spectacular fireworks for a fraction of the price with clever buying, we are certain that this pack is set to become one of our biggest sellers. 

5 x Heat Seeker Rockets
5 x Saturn Five Rockets
6 x Bazooka Bomb Rockets
6 x Super Six Rockets
1 x Fantasia Fountain
1 x Family Selection Box
1 x Whistle Mix Pop 27 Shot Cake
1 x Humming Hornets 28 Shot Barrage

Free gift valued at £9.98 when collecting from our head office

1 x Blue Lights 25 Shot Barrage

Treason Firework Display Kit Specifications

Approx Firework Display Duration: 20 Minutes
No. of Fireworks: 49
Noise Rating: 5/10
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres

Treason Fireworks Package by Epic Fireworks

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