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Steam Roller 98 Shot

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Marvel Fireworks introduces the Steam Roller, a magnificent single ignition barrage with a long duration, large calibre and excellent performance.

Red and Green comets and peonies turn into large clouds of coloured glitter. Fanned red peonies to silver strobes, giant silver chrysanthemums and spinning silver tails. Glittering brocades and crackling tails with mixed coloured bouquets.

This is simply awesome, great duration at over 1 and a half minutes and 98 large bore tubes make this a fantastic barrage and one not to miss.

Steam Roller Specifications

Carton Quantity: 1 x Steam Roller
No. of Shots: 98
Approx Firework Duration: 95 Sec
Firework Dimensions: 17cm x 71cm x 21cm
Bore Size: 25mm
Noise Rating: 9/10
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres
Vertical or Fan: Fan

Filmed by UKFR.COM

Review by Dan Morley
Posted on 15/08/2012

Same as Fire One BUT cheaper! 2 of these together are about the best money can buy for home use!

Review by Andrew Casterton
Posted on 26/12/2010

fired 2 of these together (30M distance) about 12 -14 feet appart with a short delay of about 3 seconds. the breaks were quite big and more colourful and crisp than the video is able to demonstrate , the volleys of four and five made it look that bit extra special and the overall pace of the firework was very good with no smoke making its way back to the crowd. I would recommend it to anyone as a finale cake (as a single cake) but having seen it fired in pairs i would recommend getting 2 if your budget allows.

Review by Craig Moon
Posted on 07/11/2010

The new "Fire One," another with a very good duration and a whole host of different effects and colours, both fanned and vertical. The finale is also fantastic, filling the sky with crackling bursts that seem never ending.

Review by Andrew Corbishley
Posted on 07/11/2010

A truly brilliant firework, with huge bursts, great duration and impressive from start to finish. If you only buy one large firework this year it has to be this one. Comparable to the 'FireOne' by Brother Pyrotechnics, it is better and will not disappoint!

Posted on 30/09/2010

Steamroller is a very large firework which provides an excellent mix of very large, very loud effects. A true SIB, with a tremendous duration and a bargain price. Always a real crowd pleaser...guaranteed.

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