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Red Ball Head

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The Red Ball Head rocket is essentially a professional style shell on a stick and its effect in the sky is equally impressive to behold.

The Red Ball Head creates an extremely loud bang followed by a substantial display of red stars and an even larger golden corolla that continues to expand outwards, leaving a trail of glitter in the night sky.

This is truly a very powerful rocket with a huge spread and a lot of impact that is sure to turn heads in its direction. 

Featured in FHM magazine - Read all about it.

Red Ball Head Rockets Specifications

Carton Quantity: 1 x Red Ball Head Rocket
Total Length of Rocket: 990mm 
Rocket Head Diameter: 70mm
Noise Rating: 8/10
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres 

Featutred in FHM Magazine

Epic Fireworks Feature In FHM

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