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Revenge of the Guy

Current price £795.00
Original price (WAS £1,849.58)

The Revenge of the Guy firework display pack has been designed and priced to appeal to fireworks connoisseurs and display organisers alike.

Superb quality and value make up this stunning collection of large-scale pyro and if you are anything like us, you will love the breath-taking “Thunderous Finale” - 64 shots of whistling bouquets that burst into some of the most magnificent wave effects we have ever seen, 2 of these fired together will ensure your finale is something to be remembered.

This pack really is the epitome of sheer class and money well spent.

Click the links below to see the fireworks in action.

1 x Thunderous Finale
1 x Thunderous Finale Two
1 x Armistice
1 x Screaming Spiders
1 x Predator 500
2 x Passfire
1 x Palms Away
1 x Napalm
1 x Wild One
1 x Punisher
1 x Howling Wolves
1 x Stormzy
1 x TNT
1 x Cascade
1 x Swift Shift
1 x Heavy Duty
1 x Tracer Bullet
1 x Silver Spirals
1 x Shrill Witch
1 x Blue Lights
1 x G-Force
1 x Professional Rocket Box 4
16 x Safety Portfires
2 x Safety Goggles
1 x Firing Order
1 x Safety Instructions
1 x Set-Up Plan
3 x Rocket Launching Tubes

Free gift valued at £199.92 when collecting from our head office

5 x War Hawk Rockets
5 x Sky Hunter Rockets
2 x King Cobra 25 Shot Barrage
2 x Whistle Mix Pop 27 Shot Barrage
2 x Humming Hornets 28 Shot Barrage

Revenge of the Guy Display Pack Specifications
No. of Shots: 1533
Approx Firework Display Duration: 10 - 15 Min
No. of Fireworks: 68
Noise Rating: 8/10
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres
Vertical or Fan: Vertical and Fanned
RRP: £1,849.58

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