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1.3G Firework Barrages
1.3G Firework Barrages

1.3G Single Ignition Barrages - A combination of several fireworks, most usually Roman candles and/or mines, designed to be fired with a single ignition (a one-light firework). Also known as “cakes”, barrages are the most popular form of fireworks today, as they give an impressive display with minimum work.

Fireworks classified as 1.3G contain more flash powder than 1.4G fireworks, which means you get a louder bang and a bigger burst.

Epic Fireworks stock the largest range of 1.3G single ignition display cakes in the UK and produce display packs made up of a number of these barrages to create non-stop DIY professional displays. Or, make your own display by choosing your barrages from our extensive range.

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