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It Works! Underwater Rocket, Scientific Proof

Here it is folks. the undisputable scientifically proven evidence that you have all been waiting – at least a minute since you read the title of this post – to hear.

Take one firework rocket. Stick it in a bottle of water. Light the fuse. You are now a scientist. It really is that easy. This video shows the BBC’s “Bang goes the Theory” with one of their hip young presenters teaching a group of children how to play with fireworks scientifically. You see the key word here is science. If you get bunch of kids to watch you light fireworks in a public park under normal conditions, it could be that you find yourself in a wee bit of bother. Get the word “science” in there however, and you quickly become a respectable scientist who is bettering mankind, by getting a bunch of kids to watch you light fireworks in a public park.

We love science here at Epic Fireworks. Without science there would be no fireworks, just people mindlessly blowing up chemicals to create colourful and noisy light shows in the sky, and that wouldn’t do at all.

Science, we salute you.


World Water Day 2009: Events around the globe on March 22

How cool is this photo, entitled “water fireworks” by Gadling photo contributor jonrawlinson? If you look at the enlarged photo, the light creates star-shaped, firework-like reflections on the water. Beautiful.

World Water Day was conceived over ten years ago by a United Nations committee as an international day of observance for the critical role water plays in our lives. Whether we live in an urban or rural environment, we cannot live without and must find a way to both conserve and utilize it wisely.

From global events like the “Activism and Water Rights Webinar” to a World Water Day hike in Morro Bay, there are things happening all over the world to raise awareness of water conservation. Check out all of the events happening on or around March 22, or find your own way to consider how to celebrate, appreciate, and learn about water.

I recently helped a student write a poem about water conservation for a statewide poetry contest held by Hawaii’s Board of Water Supply. The theme this year: “Ola I Ka Wai” (Water Gives Life). It appears efforts are happening within schools all over the globe to educate kids on what can be done to save this precious resource.