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If you not one of the lucky ones to be able to witness the Disney magic in the flesh this New Year’s Eve, then worry no more this is the next best thing.

Walt Disney world will be putting a live stream of the grand New Year’s Eve performance “fantasy in the sky” firework display along with the musical accompaniment from classic Disney films such as Peter Pan, Aladdin, Pinocchio and many more. The Park goes all out for the fireworks at any time but on New years eve they make it event more special with a spectacular finale.

You can catch the live stream on the Disney Parks Blog or the Disney Parks YouTube Channel. Beginning roughly at 11:45pm EST, and beforehand there will be a special countdown on the programme at 11:59pm to make sure you don’t miss out on this explosive start to 2019.

If you have been lucky enough to Visit any of the Parks, then they are asking for you to contribute and possibly be part of the broadcast by posting photos on Twitter using the hashtag #DisneyParksLIVE.

If you are one of the lucky ones then there is plenty to see and do along with extra time to play as Magic Kingdom and Epcot will stay open until 1am, Hollywood Studios open until 12am.

If you are on the west coast, then Disneyland stays open until 2am and California adventure open until 1am.

Personally, as I have been to Disney World during this time and trust me it will be magical as well as entertaining. But by offering the live stream this gives you the chance to celebrate the new year with Mickey and friends from the comfort of your own home.


Walt Disney Pictures Fireworks Intro

Every child in the western world and in some less developed know the introduction for Disney Pictures. The ident is powerful and set in our hearts and minds from childhood as an indicator of a great piece of cinema history to come.

As some may have been fortunate enough to experience first hand, Disney has fireworks every day of the year. The only exception is down to the weather conditions and more importantly the wind direction and strength, as usually advised by fire officers in an attempt to not start fires inadvertently in adjoining areas.

Fireworks at Disney, however, are one of the main features of the parade but given that they display daily, and being environmentally conscious, they use a vastly more expensive perchlorate-free mixture in their firework composition which includes nitrogen-rich oxidizers.

In 2004 in further attempts to reduce their carbon footprint, they also changed from black powder to using compressed air to launch the fireworks which again reduced the number of airborne chemicals.

In whatever format, long may we continue to love the fireworks and of course, Disney.


World Science Festival in New York

The second annual World Science Festival will be taking place in New York next month. One of the speakers there will be Ben Schwegler.

Walt Disney Imagineering R+D’s Chief Scientist Ben Schwegler invents and builds new technologies that make theme parks and resorts the stuff of dreams and adventure. The creator of the Simulation-based Design Group, he is particularly interested in the development of sustainable engineering techniques. He was instrumental in the creation of the most energy efficient theme park ever built as well as a new generation of environmentally-friendly fireworks.